Client. Therapeutic Massage Training Institute (US).

Web. Logo. Print. Social Media. Usability. LMS.

The Brief.

New management wanted a fresh Image for TMTI's NCBTMB & BMBT approved Curriculum for the 600 Hours Professional Certification Program. Content and Learning Management System was required for students and faculty. New logo, new brand, new marketing campaign using online and printable 16-page A5 brochure. Online and printable application form. Ability to book and pay online for 'Further Education' courses, presented as events in a calender. Fresh facebook banner.

The Work.

The Testimonial.

"Everyone is going CRAZY over the new site... Already hearing great positive feedback from our Instructors & Students! WOW!! Finally got a chance to go through all the pages, and the entire site looks FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the drop down menu for the Diploma, I think it makes searching for the information you want so much easier. The layout and flow is beautiful, it really has all come together and so professional!! I can’t thank you enough, you are literally making me cool and relevant! Had my first course seat booked within 24 hours!"

Liz Chandler, Director

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